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Zack Attacks Cancer, Inc. :: To support cancer patients in building self-directed, individualized, and all-encompassing cancer attack plans.


Zack Attacks Cancer, Inc. was created on the principles that an individual’s cancer treatment should not be dictated by a lack of finances or access to services. Our aim to provide accurate, unbiased, and easily understood information about cancer, alternative treatments, and coping mechanisms therein. We aim to offer support to patients and their families through education, spiritual and financial aid. ZAC differs from similar organizations in three ways. First, we strongly emphasize the benefits of and offer ease of access to alternative medicines and treatment forms. Second, we focus on offsetting ancillary costs affiliated to fighting cancer (i.e. grocery bills, housing, childcare, education etc.). Third, yet most important, your ZAC representative will be your advocate in every way possible. From emotional support and healthcare networking to consulting with medical providers and legal representatives, ZAC is dedicated to fighting by your side in every way.
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The cannabis plant has over 120 cannabinoids as well as 200+ terpenes and flavonoids. Many of these molecular compounds have medicinal properties.
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Knowing what foods can help you avoid getting cancer and if you do have it, what to eat to help battle the disease is a huge advantage.
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We are constantly seeking funding to help those pay bills during their treatment and to fund our site and research until such time there is a cure for cancer. Please help…