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Knowing what others convey about their experience is a window into our organization, aspirations, and successes. Testimonials here are taken directly from cancer patients about their experience with FECO (Full Extract Cannabis Oil)
“Adding Cannabis oil to my treatment regimen of chemotherapy for stage 4 metastatic breast cancer has been remarkably beneficial. It has slowed down its growth, as well as reduce the level and frequency of pain. Specifically, I have gone from one percocet every 4-6 hours and now I need one every 12-24 hours. Most importantly I sincerely believe using cannabis oil is increasing my survival time!” -Laura G.


“At my annual physical my family doctor noted that my PSA levels had risen at an alarming rate over my last two visits. She referred me to a urologist. The urologist told me my PSA had increased in two months as much as it had previously taken a year to increase. He also said my prostate was 19 grams overweight. However, a contrast MRI did not show a tumor so he had no idea why it was so large. His treatment plan was just to wait and see.
This explanation and plan didn’t make me happy. In the midst of my anxiety about my prostate, I met Zack, my sons friend. Zack is the CEO of Zack Attacks Cancer. He told me about the advances that had been made in using cannabis to fight cancer. He offered to help me try FECO (Full Extract Cannabis Oil).


In the first 6 weeks of taking FECO I had another PSA test. What I saw on the test was amazing! The PSA had decreased 14% from its previous level. My doctor found this result encouraging.


Meeting Zack was pure serendipity. What i’ve learned from meeting him is that he is altruistic and his only goal is to help folk like me get healthy and beat cancer without going broke. He is in the process of growing a foundation to educate and help people who seek an alternative to traditional treatment. He is a fantastic individual and I will be by his side, helping him spread the word.”-Michael M.


“For more than 10 years I lived in chronic pain and extreme discomfort. I was morbidly obese and suffered from all those health problems which accompany being so drastically overweight including diabetes, high blood pressure, broken bones,and torn muscles. Just as I received the good news that I could use medical cannabis to help deal with spinal stenosis, i simultaneously was diagnosed with prostate cancer.

Fluctuating between despair and hope I was able to make changes in my lifestyle and use a new treatment option to combat my prostate cancer. Within one year I was using medical cannabis. I had made significant gains in my life. I lost over 100 pounds and no longer have diabetes or high blood pressure. Quite astoundingly my pain level decreased by about 60%.

To fight my prostate cancer I was allowed to use Full Extract Cannabis Oil (FECO). I used this over the course of 6 months and reduced my use of opiates. My pain level decreased by at least 80%. Most importantly my most recent prostate test results revealed I had been given my life back. With no more apparent tumors, I feel as if I have beaten my cancer. All thanks to Medical Cannabis and the incredible support offered by Zack Attacks Cancer !” -Randy M.


“After using Medical Marijuana for a few months to help the pain affiliated with my stage 4 cancer, I met Zack. He told me about his foundation and what he could do to help understand better ways to use marijuana medicine and afford the expensive treatment. If it wasn’t for the extreme generosity and compassion of Zack and the ZAC foundation I would have never been able to afford the medicine that has improved my quality of life ten fold.”-Jeanne S.


“I met Zack at a music festival in Pennsylvania last summer, he told me about his foundation and what they could do to help me fight lymphoma. I was skeptical at first because of how comforting and supportive Zack was , it felt too good to be true. But i chose to take a leap of faith and trust that this stranger and his desire to help. Over a year later my cancerous masses have decreased roughly 60% . I now know that the support offered by Zack Attacks Cancer is the most useful weapon I have in my arsenal to fight cancer.”-Mark S.